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Spring Nucleus Colonies

Spring Nuc

Our Nucs have a proven history of excellence. They are raised from the strongest queens we have successfully used in Vermont for years. Our spring Nucs consist of 5 frames of bees, brood, honey, and a prolifically laying queen.

Each nuc includes the plastic box with the price. Box return is not necessary. 

Pickup times are typically early to mid-May, dependent on weather conditions.

Each box has a closable entrance, which we will shut at pickup. We highly recommend a truck as the best means of transporting your nuc, as it ensure enough air flow to the bees. If you will be traveling by car, we sell netted bags for $5 each. We do not mark queens in the Nucs, except upon request. If you would like your queen marked prior to pickup there is an additional $10 charge. 

2024 Nuc Prices are as follows

Quantity Discounts

1-4   $190

5-10  $185 ($5.00 off)

11-15  $180 ($10.00 off)

16-25  $175 ($15.00 off)

26-30  $170 ($20.00 off)

31-50  $160 ($25.00 off)

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