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Piece of Honeycomb


We specialize in producing Raw Honey, as it comes from the hive, unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized. The way the bees make it is how we believe it should come to you, with the pollen and natural enzymes right where they belong: in the honey. Our bees make honey from local Vermont wildflowers. It is harvested at the very end of best nectar flows to ensure the cleanest, purest seasonal varieties.
Raw Honey
Raw Honey

Raw Honey has been our best selling product since the inception of our business over 20 years ago. Our Raw Honey is unheated and unfiltered and packed full of health benefits. We primarily fill our Raw Honey jars with our fall honey, which crystallizes to a butter-like consistency about a month from bottling - a property of the fall wildflower nectars in this area. 

Liquid Honey
Muth Jars

We sell 2 different jar lines of liquid honey - glass Muth Jars and plastic Honey Bears. These jars are filled with our summer honey, which stays in its liquid form for months at a time before crystalizing, and is lighter in flavor than our fall honey. 

Where to Find our Honey
Honey Jars

We sell our honey throughout southern Vermont and into our neighboring states. For a complete list of the stores we sell to 

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If you're a retail store interested in carrying our honey please 

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