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Whether you are a long time cast iron cookwear user or are just getting into the time honored tradition of cooking with cast iron, our Cast Iron Seasoning is a must to keep your cookware in excellent condition. Made with grapeseed oil and safflower oil for their high temp cooking capacity and beeswax to seal all of those good oils into your pan in a small dose. Our cast iron seasoning works well as a pre-seasoning or post seasoning. 


How to use:

Basic Use - 

Simply take a cotton cloth or paper towel and rub some seasoning oil onto the cloth and rub all over the interior cast iron surface as well as outer surfaces to protect and preserve the finish. 

After Cleaning/Washing Cast Iron Cookwear - 

Heat cast iron over medium heat to dry all water off the pan. Once water has evaporated, rub cast iron seasoning into your pan as described above. 

Enjoy your well-seasoned cast iron! 

Cast Iron Seasoning

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